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Working with the Goats


Goat in the Road is seeking two actors to play roles in our upcoming immersive play being produced in collaboration with the historic Gallier House:

  • Moses Lewis (male-identifying, 20-50 years old, African-American)

  • Aglae Gallier (female-identifying, 40-60 yrs. old, Caucasian)

The play takes place in Reconstruction-era New Orleans, and follows the Gallier household as it contends with dangerous and rapidly developing political tensions in the city.

Auditions are by appointment on Tuesday, October 22nd between 6pm - 9pm, and on Saturday, October 26th between 9pm – noon
Please contact Chris Kaminstein at to request an audition slot. 

The Parts: 
Moses Lewis is a journalist and writer at the forefront of political activity in the city.

Aglae Gallier is the matriarch of the Gallier household.  She manages the house, runs a number of rental properties, and is ushering her four daughters into the adult world.   

The Play:
Opening this January, GRP and the Hermann-Grima + Gallier Historic Houses are collaborating to create 1874: New Orleans, an immersive theatrical performance staged at historic Gallier House.  Performing around the audience, actors inhabit 19th century daily life while spectators choose to follow different characters and storylines yielding unique experiences for each audience member.

The story centers on a real-life incident, during which the New Orleans White League tried to forcibly remove students of color from the integrated school next door to the Gallier House.  Each member of the household reacts differently as the mob grows outside the House’s doors.

The Calendar:
The play rehearses in December 2019 and opens January 2020. It will be performed Thursday-Saturday, 6pm and 8pm at Gallier House.  More details at the audition.