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Goat in the Schools

Snowman, Monster, Dog is Goat in the Road Productions' (GRP) brandtraveling performance presenting four student-written plays performed by professional actors, bringing high quality theatre filled with sound, costumes & props to cafeterias, libraries and museums throughout Louisiana.  

The show at Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre:

The show at Arise Academy:

Snowman, Monster, Dog includes:

The Lost Dog by Nyla Pete
My Dad by Harpis Lewis
The Conflict by Tristan Coward
Socks by Dontrel Mitchell

The plays, written by 5th, 6th and 7th graders from New Orleans, feature goofy humor and heartbreaking disappointments, bringing audiences on an adventure through the imagination of a young person.  The shows are populated with fascinating characters: a conniving dog thief, a pen and a pencil running for office, a snowman/dog duo who battle ninjas in order to find the magic sock, and a young girl dealing with the loss of her father.  

Each play is accompanied by a short video introduction by the student playwright, discussing the inspiration for the play and the process of writing.  Goat in the Schools empowers students to write creatively by featuring theater written by students, for students.

GRP will continue to tour this show through the summer of 2017! Please contact Project Director Darci Fulcher if you are interested in booking Snowman, Monster, Dog -

Performance Time: 45 minutes
Performance Price: $650
Needs: A large space (cafeteria or gyms work well)

All photos by Joshua Brasted.

Goat in the Schools is made possible by generous support from the Walter & Karla Goldschmidt Foundation, the Milton Mountain School’s Garden Hill Fund, the New Orleans Theatre Association, and the Keller Family Foundation.