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FORGE Festival #1

Works Blog

FORGE Festival #1

Shannon Flaherty

April 13 - 16, 2016
Shows at 7pm, 9 pm, and 11 pm
Theatre at St. Claude (2240 St. Claude Ave.)

In April 2016, Goat in the Road Productions and Skin Horse Theater presented FORGE, a new performance festival, that presented three bold and outlandish mainstage shows from Goat in the Road, Nat & Veronica, Mz. Asa Metric and Mqr. En Between.  

Lagniappe installations and performances from other members of the visual and performing arts community took place in between show times, making FORGE a non-stop maelstrom of multi-disciplinary performance. 


About the shows:

Our Man

Two men in a box elect a tennis racket named Ronald Reagan as president.

Goat in the Road’s comedic performance work explores the intersection of performance and politics in the modern age, through the lenses of 1950’s era radio broadcasts and a decidedly fictional approach to American political history. Written by William Bowling, Chris Kaminstein, and Sascha Stanton-Craven (and performed by Bowling and Kaminstein), Our Man was featured on the cover of American Theatre magazine in 2013.


She Was Born


“Genius… the definition of unmissable.” (NOLA Defender), “Justifies the raw power of live performance.” (Austin 360)

Nature documentary meets Theater of the Absurd in this utterly unique physical performance featuring striking visuals, sly humor and a virtuoso performance that depicts an entire life from birth to death. She Was Born draws the audience into the microscopic universe of an extraterrestrial insect named SHE in order to confront the most basic question of all: Why was I born? Created by Nat & Veronica, and performed by Ms. Hunsinger-Loe.

Creep Cuts

Creep Cuts is the ill-tempered lovechild of cosmic superstars Mz. Asa Metric and Mqr. En Between. Together they form New Orleans’ premier electro-dada-freak-drag-hyper-hyphenated-extra-execrated cabaret duo from out-of-the-blue-o! Behold as they bring you a night of dystopic musings and wild drag zenanigans to confound the senses, pique the appetite, and potentially pick the heart’s pockets and run off with all of its spare change. Don’t miss the show critics are calling “two people being weird on stage.”


About the artists:


Goat in the Road Productions is a performance ensemble, dedicated to the production of original and invigorating new works of theatre, dance, performance art, and educational programming.  The Goats are Leslie Boles Kraus, William Bowling, Todd D’Amour, Owen Ever, Shannon Flaherty, Darci Fulcher, Mack Guillory, Ian Hoch, Dylan Hunter, Chris Kaminstein, Francesca McKenzie, Rebecca McLaughlin, and Kyle Sheehan. For more information, visit

Mz. Asa Metric is the alter ego of Evan Spigelman. Evan is a performer, director, light designer and co-founder of Skin Horse Theater. He is also co-director of the New Orleans Queer Youth Theater, a transformative space for queer and allied youth to actualize their power through performance. Outside of New Orleans, Evan has worked with the Ontological Hysteric Theater and Incubator Arts Project in New York City.

Mqr. En Between is the spirit animal and not-so-imaginary friend of performer and musician Dylan Hunter. When not appearing on stage as an ensemble member of Goat in the Road, Dylan can be found making music with synthesizers and other keyed instruments under his moniker Hunter. Check out his music at

Nat & Veronica are the artistic team of Nat Kusinitz and Veronica Hunsinger-Loe, dedicated to the creation of provocative and viscerally rich performance work with a strong focus on audience experience. Driven by a desire to find new and powerful potential in live performance, their work combines visual spectacle, presence based performance and subtle humor to explore the problem of how to live. They currently split their time between New Orleans and New York's Hudson Valley. They are also co-founders of New Orleans based Skin Horse Theater ( To learn more about their work, visit