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Goat in the Road



GRP is pleased to bring New Orleans a new way to watch Shakespeare: Shakesbeer the Drinking Game: Romeo & Juliet. What better way to enjoy the romantic-bawdy-silliness of Shakespeare’s tragedy than with a beer in your hand, hollering and shedding tears in iambic pentameter? This version of the world’s most well-known love story unfolds in half an hour and is set in a bar.

Directed and created by Mark Routhier, and starring Julie Dietz, Mack Guillory III, and Lauren Malara, our tale of woe and amorous conquest will get you in perfect drinking shape for the holidays. Showtimes are as follows:

Monday, December 4 at 7 pm
Parleaux Beer Lab (634 Lesseps St.)

Friday, December 8 at 7 pm
Parleaux Beer Lab (634 Lesseps St.)

Saturday, December 9 at 7 pm
Twelve Mile Limit (500 S. Telemachus St.)

All shows are FREE!

Thanks to all who came out to our Bingo Night fundraiser on
OctOBER 20!

At Castillo Blanco (4321 St. Claude) from 6 - 10 pm, we got to eat some good food, drink some delicious drink (thanks Old New Orleans Rum!), pet some goats, and play round after round of bingo!


Goat in the Road's traveling Youth Show!

Goat in the Schools presents -

My Best Friend Is An Alien:
4 student plays that travel

GRP is pleased to present four zany and boisterous student-written plays to New Orleans schools. This year's shows, written by fifth-seventh grade students who have been in GRP’s Play/Write program, feature alien frenemies, a conniving dog thief, a sleepy dad, and a snowman/dog duo who battle ninjas.

Mr. Alien by Jesus Castro
The Stolen Dog by Nyla Pete
Dad Falls Asleep by Haley Ritter
Socks by Dontrel Mitchell

Contact Shannon at to book at your school!


GITR Young Audiences 9093.jpg
GITR Young Audiences 8854.jpg
GITR Young Audiences 9574.jpg

Goat in the Schools is funded by the Goldschmidt Family Foundation and the New Orleans Theatre Association.